Mini MotherShoppers: Bags of Style




If you haven’t heard about cool changing-bag brand Tiba & Marl then let us introduce you.

Tiba + Marl was set up in 2015 by friends, Anna and Lydia.  Both have a background in fashion and spotted a huge gap in the market for cool changing bags.  Finally parents rejoiced, a bag that carries all the kids stuff (bottles, dummies, nappies, spare clothes, wipes, snacks, favourite piece of Lego, the list goes on…) that we are not embarrassed to be lugging around!  Rather than the typical twee prints we have been forced to endure since becoming parents, Anna and Lydia have brought us contemporary designs such as animal print and black – styles we would’ve chosen pre-kids.

Now they’ve gone one step further and made mini bags for kids too, and they’re just as well designed, hard-wearing and cool as the adult versions.  All the fabrics are water-resistant, wipe clean inside and out and adjustable; Alma is a (petite) 2 year old and Archie is nearly 6 and both wore the backpacks comfortably.

IMG_3258Alma wears Mini Elwood leopard Kids Backack £35 by Tiba + Marl  Archie wears Mini Elwood Kids Backpack Sticker print £35 by Tiba + Marl


Alma holds Arlo Snack Pack Sticker Print £22 by Tiba + Marl


Archie wears Backpack as before Simon wears Elwood Backpack Black £120 by Tiba + Marl

 -The original black Elwood is one of our favourites (and the men in our life don’t mind borrowing it too)


But we cannot WAIT to get our hands on the beautiful new silver Elwood (pre-order yours here!)

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