Walking on sunshine



If we had to sum up ‘the’ colour on the high street this summer, in the words of Coldplay, ‘it was all yellow’. There’s no denying that yellow is the ultimate summery and happy colour, but when it comes to wearing yellow clothes, for many of us, it is a no-go area. For a few fortunate people (Gemma) yellow lifts and brightens their complexion and for others (Bertie) it makes them look sicker than a mum after a night out on the gin cocktails.  If you’re in the latter group then there’s no need to avoid yellow entirely.  Find the right tone (avoid mustards and try going for a more acid tone if you have a sallow complexion for example) or wear yellow away from your face via a skirt, trousers or accessories. If you’re super yellow-shy just a splash of sunshine via a bag or earrings to transform an outfit.


Gemma wears top £15 ASOS, Trousers Zara (in store sale) similar here, Sandals £25 M&S, bag £5.99 Zara in store sale


Bertie wears t-shirt £30 The FMLY Store, skirt £9.99 Zara (limited sizes online available in store), Bag £5.99 H&M (in store) similar here, Shoes £55 Vans

Yellow looks great with grey, khaki, white, denim, leopard print and, our favourite, stripes!


Bag £32 Warehouse, top £65 Maison Labiche (limited sizes) similar here, jeans £59.50 Levi’s, shoes £10.50 Raid


Dress M&S Autograph £55   Clutch Glamorous £14  Sandals ASOS £16


Dress ASOS £16.50  T-shirt H&M £6.99   Sandals Monki £25  Bag Boden £63

High Street Edit:

Trainers Vans £27.50   Earrings Warehouse £15

Belt H&M (instore) similar here  Bag Zara £29.99

  Striped top M&S £15  T-shirt Zara £9.99

Skirt Mango £35.99 Trousers Zara £29.99

Jumpsuit ASOS £14  Slip dress New Look £17.99


Pinterest Inspo:


MORE on our Pinterest board here

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