Hair Clips.


We haven’t subjected ourselves to dry January or Veganuary or bothered to detox anything (other than our wardrobes – thank you Marie Kondo) but we are also at the most skint moment of the year.  With the post-Christmas credit card bills plus a tax return looming, we have been tightening the purse strings these last few weeks.  I must admit I did have some gift cards I could cash in and picked up some mega bargains (& Other Stories in particular has some gems!) but apart from that I have been trying not to spend any money on myself.

The thing is, January is a pretty long, slog of a month and sometimes we need a little pick me up to get through.  I’m bored of the dark now, I’ve eaten enough mash and stew now, and I’ve netflixed and chilled more than I am willing to admit right now.  Yet, we still have a while to go til pay day, let alone Spring so I’m going to make a suggestion: get yerself a hair clip. OK, its not gonna inspire world peace or bring you inner zen but it could give your old, basic outfit (and, if you’re anything like me, your heart) a little lift.

Some of you (Gemma, I’m looking at you) may be put off by the memory of the 90s hair slide but hear me out.  There’s a lot of options out there and they really do add another dimension to your look.  They’re a cheap, easy and quick way to feel like you’ve made an effort or you’ve refreshed your look for the new year.  If you need more persuasion then here’s some inspo:


(Laura Jackson, Pandora Sykes, Pinterest)

Clockwise from top left: ASOS // Oliver Bonas // Accessorize // Maison Archives


Top: Pascale @style_mum wearing Maison Archive

(other photos via Pinterest & Instagram)


Clockwise from top: Pinterest // Oliver Bonas // Urban Outfitters // Anthropologie


Clockwise from top left:  Urban Outfitters // Pinterest // DesignB // COS

(more on our Pinterest board here)

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