Practi-cool boots

Finally, it’s the last Monday of January. The sun is setting a little later each day, the daffodils are trying to break through and Feb is in touching distance. At last, there’s light at the end of the dark, dry (or very wet in our case) January tunnel.

This week we’ve previewed some pretty fancy spring footwear and can’t wait to bare our ankles again without risking frostbite. The weather, however has other ideas. Which is why we’re rounding up our favourite warm, but stylish (what we like to call practi-cool) boots.

Now you might think isn’t it a bit late in the season to be investing in boots if you’re not heading off skiing? We think not. Whether you’re snowploughing on the piste or ploughing through commuters these are a great addition to your wardrobe that will see you into spring, and still look good next winter. Especially if like me, (on occasion) you stand on the sidelines freezing your extremities off watching a small child kicking a ball around.

With snow forecast this week I needed no encouragement to keep these Sorel boots and imagine I’m heading off to the slopes, rather than sloping off on the school run. Aspen aspirations/suburban reality, a girl can dream right?

Gem x


Clockwise from top left: Sorel / Moonboot / Dr Marten / Ugg

Clockwise from top left: Hunter / Penelope Chilvers / Vagabond / Asos

Left to right: Emu Australia / & Other Stories






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