Say my name


Above: necklaces Nell & Digby

I’m a sucker for anything personalised. From the age of 5 when I received my first ‘G’ initial necklace my love for anything with my name on was sealed. Bags, jewellery, mugs – you name it (pardon the pun) I’ve got one with my initials on.

Ditto my family’s (I’m not completely vain). One of my most treasured 40th gifts was my Anna Lou of London disc necklace with mine, my husbands and our sons initials on. Although my husbands initial disc fell off into my plate at a dinner recently at the same time as I became allergic to my wedding rings but I’m not taking it as a sign! Anyway, I digress.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite personalised gifts. Wether you choose to have your loved ones initials, or your own (handy for sleep deprived mums who can barely remember their own names), there’s something for everyone.

Gem x

Clockwise from top left: Say What You C / Initially London / Roam Devon / Azurina

Clockwise from top right: Rock On Ruby / Mon Breton / Lunn Antiques

Clockwise from top left: Anna Lou of London /Alison Fern / Cult of Youth / Aurum & Grey

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